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Big Pimpin'

No one puts up with slow data connections in the home or office, why do so onboard your yacht? In our modern era information flow is expected to be fast and readily available, so the team at A+T has taken the lead in launching Ethernetbased instrument systems.

‘The largest proportion of performance instrument systems installed from the 1990s to about 2007 used a serial bus called B&G Fastnet,’ says Hugh Agnew of A+T Instruments. ‘While fast enough for practical purposes it does have capacity limitations for the very largest systems and suffers in that any device on the network going down or a wiring fault pulls the whole display system down with it. This is often difficult to troubleshoot on a large yacht. It is also tied to a 12V supply which is not ideal.’

Many yachts are still using Fastnet and one of A+T’s specialties is helping diagnose problems and providing new compatible displays to upgrade these systems. Read on.