it’s dangerous out there

Not Sailing

Mayday, mayday, mayday. United States Coast Guard, this is the Alaska Ranger. Our position is 5-3-5-3 decimal 4 north, 1-6-9-5-8 west. We are flooding; taking on water in our rudder room.

On Easter morning in 2008 at approximately 0300, the fishing vessel Alaska Ranger’s mayday call raced across radio waves of the Bering Sea. Forty-seven fishermen aboard the Alaska Ranger were donning survival suits for what would become one of the largest and most dramatic rescue cases in modern Coast Guard history.

At the time, the Coast Guard Cutter Munro was on patrol near the Bering Sea fishing fleet. With the wind at its back, Munro was in the best position to respond rapidly to any vessels in distress. Read on.