wait, what?

From the Fabulous Forums. As we are looking to race Anarchy 6 mostly in ORC, i find this sort of topic quite interesting – ed.

I was just looking at the ORC ratings for J/111s and saw something very surprising.  Looking at the same boat with all the same measurements their 2021 ratings were 577.9 for crewed and 588.6 for DH.  But their 2022 ratings, again with the same measurements, are 575.9 and 579.9.

So the DH adjustment went from 10.7 secs/mile to 4 secs/mile just from the updated VPP for 2022?  That seems like a big adjustment.  Does that seem reasonable that a DH boat should be able to sail only 4 secs/mile slower than a fully crewed boat?

For 2022 the SunFast 3300 ratings are even more interesting.  The DH Club ratings are faster than the fully crewed Club ratings.  Wowie!  I suppose this is because they have water ballast? Comment.