long distance run around

From long-time anarchist and adventurer, Ryan Finn:

I’ve been silent due to nerves. I’ve been plagued by light wind down here. it’s been forecast to have some in the 5-10 knot range, but I’ve been getting a lot of 1-5, even when it’s showing I should have 10-15. it makes the routing very unreliable. at the moment I’m making 9.5 knots in 5.5 kts of wind.

I should have more at the moment. I’d like to think that means the storm will not be as windy as forecast, but for some reason I don’t think that’s how it’s going to work out. My goal is to sail through the Straits of Le Maire in heavy downwind or reaching conditions and anchor in Puerto Espanol to the W of Tierra del Fuego. I’m trying to find out more about that anchorage but have had no luck. It is open to a SE wind and sea, so I may have to wait around the entrance before going in on Wednesday to get secured. I’d like to anchor in Hopner, on the N side of Staten Island, but getting in with the timing I’m looking at doesn’t look very safe.

So if anyone reading this is familiar with Puerto Espanol at 54, 54′ S/ 65, 59′ W, please post about it so my people can get back to me. In other news, I’ve dawned my Ocean Rodeo dry suit and it’s of very high quality. the zipper in the front for using the head is even easier to use than regular foul weather gear. Also, I have a comb on board to help alleviate my itchy scalp. I don’t even have a comb at home, so it’s funny to look in the mirror out here and see that my hair is combed. Nothing more to report, but the next 48 hours will be crucial and defining.

I’m looking for a way to get permission from the Argentine authorities to anchor. If anyone has information about that it would be helpful.