When Russia was exposed as a country, at the very least, turning a blind eye to drug cheating with the evidence strongly suggesting it was much more than that the International Olympic Committee “banned” Russia from the Olympics. Like hell they did! They allowed Russian athletes to compete s the Russian Olympic Committee.
A fat lot of good that did. In Beijing their ‘star’ ice skated had tested for a banned substance but due to the rules, ‘protected person’ and all that, she was allowed to continue.

I am not going to get into any discussion about whether it was her, her support staff, or the system but a ban should be a ban, no half measures. Lily-livered approach compared to those countries who boycotted the Moscow Games in 1980 when Russia invaded Afghanistan.

With Russia invading Ukraine – and that’s what they have done no matter how Russia tries to spin it – quite rightly sportspeople and sporting bodies have come out and simply refused to have anything to do with it. Poland’s national soccer team was one of the first, stating they wouldn’t play against Russia in the World Cup play-off even though that could mean Russia effectively gets a bye into the World Cup.

World Judo Federation stripped Vladimir Putin of his honorary presidency, In Formula One, firstly Sebastian Vettel said he wouldn’t compete in the Russian Grand Prix then the FIA canceled the Russian round of the 2022 F1 World Championship – well-done guys.

FIFA, the governing body of World Soccer, on the other hand, has said “It’s all right guys, change your name and you can still play on the international stage”. Unbelievably they have said that RUSSIA can compete as “The Football Union of RUSSIA”. WTF!

One of the biggest boosts to morale and feel good in any country is seeing their sports teams competing and perhaps winning. As a Scot I can attest that winning doesn’t always have to be important.

A blanket ban, perhaps even at the United Nations level, of ALL Russian international sporting activity is what is required. Come to think of it World Sailing has been pretty quiet so far. – SS.