american exceptionalism?

Wonder if they are going to use the word “Magic” this time? We’re guessing that’s a no. But they can use my genius idea of calling it “American Exceptionalism”, and I won’t even charge that much. But I do insist on driving. – ed.

In a message to the membership on October 19, the Club announced it was pausing its pursuit of the America’s Cup. This was a difficult decision, especially considering the Club’s strong, enduring bond with the competition and the significant investment of time, energy and resources in the past Cup by Club leadership and countless members. The lack of clarity on the rules, timing and venue for the 37th America’s Cup caused us to question whether there was sufficient time to build a competitive challenge.

Recent developments have caused us to reconsider this earlier assessment. Upon receiving the Protocol for the 37th America’s Cup, we were pleased to find that it contains elements advocated for by the Club last spring. Click here to read the Protocol.

In addition, the Executive Committee recently received a new proposal from Doug DeVos and Hap Fauth, American Magic principals and Club members, that warranted reconsidering our earlier decision to pause our pursuit of AC37.

After a thorough review of the new proposal from American Magic and the Protocol, the Flag Officers and Board of Trustees are pleased to announce that the Club will submit a challenge to the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron and will appoint American Magic as the team that will represent the Club in the 37th America’s Cup. You can read the press announcement by clicking here.

A critical component the Club’s involvement in AC37 is the advancement of our foundational initiatives, including programs that will spur the development of America’s youth sailing talent and increase diversity and public access in our sport. The American Magic team has very similar objectives that will complement and support the Club’s plan.

During the past nine months, we had extensive discussions with Club members Mike Buckley and Taylor Canfield, two of America’s sailing stars, regarding a challenge for AC37. The intent was to have the Stars+Stripes campaign join American Magic. This proved to be more difficult than anticipated. We are, however, pleased to see Stars+Stripes continue with its campaign, and we wish Mike and Taylor the best of luck as they forge their own path to the Cup

We have an opportunity to once again be part of one of the oldest competitions in international sport thanks to the generous support of two Club members. The offer by American Magic—to represent the Club, to provide the initial funding and to commit to a multicycle challenge—will provide the Club the opportunity to “sustain our leadership role in yachting” by competing at the highest level of the sport of sailing. I believe that this decision is in keeping with the passion and support for the America’s Cup that runs so strongly throughout our membership.