under new management

Here’s something you likely didn’t see coming: as of today I have sold Sailing Anarchy. After 22 years of creating, publishing, and stirring as much shit up as I could (while maintaining SA as a business), I feel like now is a good time to hand the tiller over to someone else.

Oh don’t worry, I’ll still be driving the content as I have been retained for at least the next 12 months, so we’ll continue to have the good, informative, snarky, ridiculous and entertaining stuff we’ve always strived to produce.

But I have never cared for all of the other work that goes into running a business; you know the taxes and the payroll and the assorted other heaps of nonsense that is required to keep SA afloat. But afloat we have been, through thick and thin, good times and bad. We’re like dogshit on your shoes; it never seems to go away. And the stink lingers for what seems like forever. 22 years of forever.

I don’t know that this is an end of an era, as I’ll still be here and I’ve signed a  relatively short non-compete with the new owners, but handing over the keys is still such a strange feeling for me.

I am incredibly proud and remain as thrilled as ever by creating this place and working on it nearly every single day, 365 days a year.  It is a labor of love that has defined me in many ways, allowed me to do essentially what I want while helping to bring this huge community of sailors together.

And on that note,  truly, it is you who have made this place what it is. I never had a mission statement per se, but the one thing that I have always tried to do is to not make Sailing Anarchy about me, but to make it about you, the sailors.  Sure, I put up my occasional vanity pieces, and I spout of editorially from time to time, but that’s about it. That so many of you identify yourself as anarchists is something that deeply touches me. For real.

A lot of you have been with us from the jump, and to them,  all the way to the people who have just discovered us (where the fuck have you been anyways?) I give a heartfelt thank you. And in truth, I’m a little sad as I reflect on the last 22 years. Hell, a tear or two may have fallen, but don’t you dare tell that to anyone!

Nobody thought we’d succeed. I should print the list of e-mails from the naysayers, haters and chumps who bagged on us literally from day one, but I never listened to any of them. Not one. Had I, I’d have been curled up in the fetal position, crying for my mommy. But my response then, as it is 22 years later has always been “Fuck Off”.

And to the high-profile venture capitalist who wished me doom and unmitigated failure, you are long gone, and I am still here. Bite me, I mean if you still could…

This sport needed to be shaken up, and who would have thought that it would be us? Without boasting,  we have changed the way this sport is covered and reported.  My Senior Editor, Mr. Clean had a huge role in that, and I’ll be forever grateful to him. Every single “journo” or publication has disliked or outright hated us, never gave us any recognition and certainly no props.

But really, who gives a fuck? I never did. Our traffic numbers don’t lie, and they are all painfully aware of that fact. The notable exception is of course Seahorse, with who we have been very good friends with for many years. It’s no surprise that those who know what they are doing, get us, while the fuckwits just don’t understand…

As for how SA started, I will forever be indebted to old man and bullshit artist Tom Leweck for refusing to print or even acknowledge a letter I had sent into his dumb little newsletter decades ago. His good ol’ boy club hypocrisy is truly what motivated me to start SA.  And then when he gave it to his untalented glad-handing chump of a son, well that was just gasoline on the fire for me,  which as many of you know, is exactly the way I like it! Of all the publications, Craig’s daddy’s has been the most fun to bury. Fuck both of you!

Nobody dared to do what we did, and so many of them (and you fuckers know who you are) eventually copied much of what we started. Everybody rips everything off, but we were the originators. The agitators.  The anarchists. And we’re still here.


Feel free to kick me in the nuts if you wish!