dream on

Not everyone hangs onto a dream with unrelenting tenacity. In 2011, Bodacious Dream, a Farr-designed Class 40, was commissioned as Dave Rearick’s singlehanded entry in the Global Oceans Race–A dream Dave held for forty years.

When organizers canceled the race, Dave’s sponsors encouraged him to continue. On October 2nd, 2013, Bodacious Dream left Jamestown, RI, with its 55-year-old skipper to circumnavigate the world. Dave’s book, Spirit of a Dream, is an invitation to join the journey, not just as a reader, but intimately onboard with his thoughts and experiences as he sails the traditional race route–Alone.

 Released from the pressures of the Race, Dave is free to pursue his thoughts and connections with the powerful essence of the Sea. As quoted by one reader, “Spirit of a Dream is as good a read as any book written by the great sailors. I tried to savor it like fine wine but read it in one sitting. It was worth it.”

 Spirit of a Dream makes the perfect holiday gift for sailors, dreamers, young and old adventurers, and everyone who enjoys our watery playground.  

 A lifelong sailor, unrepentant dreamer, and creative carpenter, Dave, as an Ambassador for 11th Hour Racing, focuses on sharing the beauty and importance of our oceans, our lakes, and our environment with young students.  www.spiritofadream.com  Available at booksellers, ships stores, and Amazon.com.