michael massi – the worst PRO of all time?

This is a bit off-topic, but as an F1 geek – as I suspect many of you are – I like this thread. Of course, I totally disagree with its author, but when was the last time I agreed about anything, with anyone? – ed.

He might be looking for a new job.¬† Don’t let him come near the sport of sailing as a Principal Race Officer or Race Committee chair.

I know, I know, it’s a sailing site. But damn it, there is no equivalent to SA in the motor racing world and I just have to vent somewhere. I beg forgiveness from¬†@Editor (granted. – ed)

Verstappen is a prodigious talent. But his first world championship will forever be tainted.

As a long-time fan of F1 and auto racing, going into the grand finale at Abu Dhabi, I could not lose. I was either going to witness the best of a new generation of racers win his first world championship or I was going to watch as a GOAT secured a record-setting 8th world championship. How could I possibly be disappointed? It was going to be a thrilling duel. I was rooting for Verstappen but with the utmost respect and admiration for Hamilton. Mr. Eye was routing for Hamilton, but in awe of the verve of Verstappen. It should have been an amazing Sunday. We invited friends over, served Brunch, and had chilled champagne ready to serve for the finish.

I got my thrilling duel for 48 laps, but got neither of my outcomes. Verstappen did not win his first world championship, Lewis did not set a record and the champagne remained unopened. Chime in.