Not a new story, but one that we just ran across. Pretty amazing, actually. Does anybody know the whereabouts of the chicken these days?

When 21-year-old Frenchman Guirec Soudée set off in his rusty 30-foot sailing boat in 2014, he had little sailing experience and no communication equipment.

He was also totally alone onboard. Or at least he was… until he came across a Rhode Island Red hen. “I met Monique and we fell in love,” he says. She was to become his confidante and best friend during a five-year trip around the world.

Monique was quick to gain her sea legs, and when the pair arrived in the Caribbean, he decided he’d teach her how to swim. It wasn’t hard to persuade his feathered friend to enter the sea with him, because like a dog she followed him everywhere. So when Monique had mastered swimming – the chicken enjoyed tagging along on his surfboard, and his windsurf board.

Guirec enjoyed the eggs provided by his friend, even though many people had explained she probably wouldn’t lay at all due to stress. Far from being concerned, Guirec says Monique was happy – “I know her,” he says, “she almost smiles.” More here.