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Swedish shipping company Wallenius and engineering company Alfa Laval have completed the terms of their previously announced joint venture to develop wind propulsion for a broad range of commercial vessels. The new company, AlfaWall Oceanbird will focus on the development and realization of technology for fully wind-powered vessel propulsion.

“Wind has a key role to play in decarbonizing the marine industry,” says Peter Nielsen, Business Unit President, Alfa Laval Marine Division. “Together with Wallenius, we will harness this abundant natural force to meet both climate needs and those of maritime business.”

The companies, which previously worked together on solutions for ballast water treatment, will combine to focus on the opportunities for wind power. They will pursue an innovative means of wind propulsion based on telescopic wing sails, based on designs pursued by Wallenius in its concept of a wind-power vehicle carrier known as Oceanbird. According to the companies, this solution could reduce emissions by 90 percent on the largest ocean-going vessels. Read on.