don’t do it

We called extreme hiking total bullshit years ago. That is no way to ask a crew to sail, period. Here is a forum post that addresses this issue in a very specific way.

Am now on day 8 in the hospital after going to the ER and being diagnosed with an intestinal blockage. CT scans showed scarring of my small intestine that created a restriction and subsequently a blockage. I would not wish this level of pain and outcome to anyone.

The GI specialist and surgeon were perplexed as to what caused this. I have none of the prior indicators (previous abdominal surgery, trauma, etc). I am reasonably healthy in every other way according to my bloodwork and other tests.  Do need to drop some lbs. otoh, not eating for these past 8 days has been a good kickstart.

After  few days here I started to wonder if rag dolling over a lower lifeline for five days at a recent windy event might be a possible cause. I grabbed some stock photos of crews bent over the lower lifeline and shared them with my doctors. They could not say with certainty that it was the cause, but as I explained what 30-45 minute beat can be like, they grew more interested.

I am curious if any others have experienced similar issues and have possibly received feedback from other medical folks on this. Discuss.