dehumidifier anarchy

The story about the Farr 40 Temptress catching fire and burning very badly, is thought to have been started by the boat’s dehumidifier. That of course horrifies those of us who regularly have a dehu running continuously on our own boats.

Anarchist Don sent us this article about the dangers of dehumidifiers and we thought some of you may find this of interest. And a warning!

In recent years there have been a significant number of home fires caused by portable household dehumidifiers. One of the most common failures in these appliances is overheating. The overheating can be caused by product defect, improper use, or poor maintenance.

Most modern appliances are manufactured to be small and compact with plastic housings, unlike the metal cabinets of the past. Investigating the cause of a fire includes determining the first fuel ignited. For a dehumidifier, it includes determining whether the plastic housing, which is located in close proximity to heat-generating internal components, was the fuel. Read on.