orange peel

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I want to set my J/111 (so 36 feet LOA with an 8 foot bowsprit) up for asym peels. I have only been sailing this boat since July and it’s my first asym boat, so I would appreciate some help deciding how to set this up and do it.

I think I need a second block on each quarter and a second set of sheets. The bowsprit end is set up with two low friction rings, and both sides of the cabin house have line guides and a clutch. I currently have one tackline on the starboard side. I think the fittings on the port side were for the headsailĀ furler, but I’m getting rid of that.

We sail a mix of W/L and short harbor races and offshore, so doing a peel won’t be a common event. Still, in my last race it would have been a big benefit to switch from an A3 to an A2 toward the end of the race, but we couldn’t short of going bareheaded.

Given a second tack line is extra weight and another string that won’t be used too often, might it be better to go with a changing strop? If it’s harder for the crew, probably not, but I would appreciate opinions on this. I could also just rig the second tackline when doing an offshore race.

Up top, the spinn halyards are above and below each other. That being the case, does it matter if the new spinn goes up inside or outside the old one?

Bow gurus please jump in the discussion!