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Our friends at Tajima Direct are piling up wins with their patented lens technology and innovative replacement lens business and shared this Q&A with newly-crowned Intercollegiate Singlehanded Champion from St Mary’s, Leo Boucher. Only the fifth sailor to with this event twice, he’s also the US representative for the upcoming Youth PanAm Games.

Tajima Direct: How does it feel to win your second ICSA Singlehanded Nationals, back to back?

Leo Boucher: I am super stoked to have won The ICSA Singlehanded Nationals for a second time. My coaches have told me I am one of only five people to have won the regatta more than once. What an awesome achievement. I am happy to see that the training and effort I have been putting in behind the scenes has paid off.

TD: How did you approach this event going in? Was there anything different this time from the last time you won?

LB: I approached this regatta the same way I approach every laser regatta I sail. I showed up at the venue the day before the event to allow myself time to look over all my gear since this year’s nationals was a ‘bring your own boat’ regatta. The event was a little more stressful this year than last time because my home sailing club SSA was hosting the event, so I had a lot of people that have helped me along my sailing career watching the results.

TD: You took last year off of College Sailing, can you tell us a bit about that decision to take a gap year and how you spent it? You’ve recently been spotted with Stars and Stripes and Ralph Lauren photoshoots…shed some light!

LB: Last year I took a gap year and decided to keep sailing, training, and working…and met some great people along the way. I think it was a great decision for me because while college sailing was in a bit of a pause, I was still able to travel and keep myself on the water elsewhere. I had a great opportunity to be a part of the Stars and Stripes team for a photoshoot for Ralph Lauren. An amazing experience. Then I sailed with the Stars and Stripes team for the 2021 Congressional Cup which we won! Match racing is something new for me, however, I learned so much by sailing with the Stars and Stripes team and in this new discipline.

TD: Tell us a bit about the racing, what were the keys to your success? Speed, boat handling, strategy, tactics?

  LB: Boat speed helps win races. However, with a fleet like the one sailing at the Singlehanded Nationals, everyone is fast. I tried to have the mindset of finishing in the top five every race. With no drops, having anything deeper than a top 5 was going to add up quickly. I tried to position myself with conservative starts with a clear lane so that I could allow my speed to work for me. The fleet was smart, so it was about knowing the end goal and not focusing too much on the boats directly around you. Cultivating a pre-race game plan and trusting that you could execute that game plan was extremely important.

TD: You’ve been a fan of our Tajima lens technology for a while now, what are the most important benefits and advantages that our Tajima Lenses provide you?

LB: The lenses are great – so sharp and clear! Knowing I can pop out the old ones when they get too worn and insert a fresh new pair of lenses in my frames gives me peace of mind. The range of lens options is amazing too. I have two sets of lenses from Tajima so regardless of the weather, I know that I have lenses that will block out the glare, allow me to see the racecourse, and read the breeze for creating and executing on my game plan.

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