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Big Pimpin'

The ability to judge where the start line is as you approach it at 40kts is not something that troubles most racing sailors. But for SailGP crews the information is crucial. The new B&G Zeus3S Glass Helm displays that are now mounted in the lower sections of each boat’s solid wing sail help the crews to avoid jumping the gun.

The B&G screen technology that the F50s are now fitted with has seen a big improvement in the display of data that is served up to the crews and it also provides an indication of what might lie in store for more mainstream racing in the future. The 24-inch screens can be configured to display a range of real-time data from performance information such as boat speed and heading to wind speed and direction as well as more complex functions such as lay lines and speed to burn calculations. This is the crews’ main instrument display aboard the cats.

The fleet has had this arrangement from the off, but the 2021 season saw the boats receive a big upgrade with screens supplied by B&G. ‘The new system that we have supplied is based on our Zeus3S 24-inch Glass Helm displays that you might typically see at a superyacht helm station,’ explains B&G Product Director Matt Eeles.

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