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Do you remember this particular pile of bullshit? Read it to get up to speed. We have obtained some documents pertaining to this ridiculous situation and we are sharing one of them with you today, which is Stanaway’s original complaint. There are more, and we will run them…

22 August 2020 

  1. Wednesday 12th August – I learned from the boat owners that the boat will not be able to get to the start area or start if the race is conducted on Sunday 16th August. 

2. Thursday 13th August – I called Nick Hutton, International Race Officer and Sailing Manager of the Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania to ask which of the three clubs on the Organising  Authority is acting as the Race Committee for Sunday 16th August. I was advised by Nick that it would be the RYCT. Nick enquired why and I responded by explaining that if racing takes place our score would be worsened by no fault of our own due to damage caused by another boat breaking a rule.

Upon learning this Nick argued with me that the case had no merit due to our current score and the number of points at stake, and that we would be wasting volunteer race officials’ time over a trivial winter series race. I responded by letting him know that is up to us to decide what is important to us and that we are entitled to make use of the rules applicable to the event.

Nick continued to argue that what we are doing is a waste of time and wouldn’t succeed. I said that I can’t believe we’re having this conversation and that it is extremely inappropriate for an IRO to be arguing with a competitor about fair access to and use of the rules, and also explained that whether redress should be given is a matter for the protest committee, not staff or the race committee.

Nick said that he’d speak with the protest committee chairman Murray Jones and make sure they reject the matter. I said that if he did this I’d report them both to World Sailing because it would be grossly inappropriate for him to collude outside his remit, or for either to prejudice a request for redress. Read on.

Title inspiration thanks to Drizzy.