they’re back

Of all the regattas lost in the last 18 months, the cancellation of a full Caribbean season was perhaps the most dispiriting to sailors around the world. Now this fabulous marker of sailing life ‘as normal’ is back in action

Like the sun coming out after a storm, competitive sailing has resumed in the Caribbean. It might not be readily apparent, especially for those not in the region, because for two seasons now most major Caribbean regattas have been canceled or postponed due to precautions and protective protocols against the pandemic.

However, in a region that boasts more sea than land, year-round warm temperatures and steady trade winds, local club racing, junior regattas, and learn-to-sail programs have proved the perfectly socially distanced activity post quarantine. Combine this with increasing vaccination rates, island governments’ progressive pandemic management and race organizers focused on world-class sailing competition and the 2022 Caribbean regatta season is a bright spot on the horizon. Read on.