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Big Pimpin'

Two-time winner of the Silverrudder Hans Genthe explains his radical new doublehanded raceboat concept

Aeolos Yachts is addicted to scientific approaches. The base for our yacht design is market research and competitor analysis to understand the customer benefits. Aeolos does not design boats which suit everyone. We build boats which are perfect for a certain target group and which can be produced economically.’

The Aeolos P30 design
Hundreds of hours of optimisation result in a highly optimised shape. Our team tested various modifications of the hull with more rocker and/or more volume in the midsection with different fins and rudders. For all variations, we checked the influence on the rating.

The most difficult issue in good boat design is three-dimensional thinking with heeling and waves. The Aeolos P30 is designed for shorthanded sailing with a crew of two, and for medium-range offshore use (up to 500 miles or two to three days) with a windspeed of 12-14kts (typical Baltic Sea and Solent conditions). The boat also works well around the cans with a crew of five to six.

The trim target is to sail the boat at the design heel angle of 25-30°. At this angle the keel bulb generates an enormous righting moment so you can carry big, powerful sails that produce a lot of forward driving power for much longer than usual. Read on.