it kind of is rocket science

Big Pimpin'

With so many different electronic systems aboard the modern yacht getting them to work properly together is where this new young UK company aims to deliver big practical gains

When it comes to IT, being told ‘it should be possible’ often rings alarm bells for those who’ve been there before. On the face of it the expression is optimistic, but unfortunately, the reality is that it frequently means, ‘we haven’t tried it and it’s probably unlikely to work first time around.’

As the MD and founder of Osprey Technical, Rachel Oliver is all too familiar with the problems and challenges of interfacing modern electronics. Yet the company’s extensive knowledge in this area and its ability to deliver complex systems, reliable networks and unparalleled remote assistance is what has put Hamble-based Osprey Technical in demand around the world.

‘One of the things that has been making it harder for owners, builders and operators is that there is so much choice, Oliver says. ‘Even on a modest blue water cruiser you can easily end up with five different WiFi networks and an even greater number of different apps on your phone. The result is that you end up with a bunch of disparate systems which are completely unmanageable for the skipper and crew Equipment from different manufacturers may appear to use the same protocol, under the skin there can often be a range of hidden issues such as damping or the different ways in which devices might declare themselves to the network.’

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