cancel culture, cont’d

For the first time in its 39 year event history, the PIC Coastal Classic is canceled. 

“Last week, it looked like the alert levels in place on 22 October might enable us to host some sort of sailing activity. But this week, updated restrictions make it clear that events of any kind are not permitted at Level 3, we have been forced to fly the AP flag for Labour Weekend.” says New Zealand Multihull. Yacht Club (NZMYC) Commodore Greer Houston.

The NZMYC and PIC Insurance brokers thank all of the event partners and supporters, and also the competitors, in particular those outside of Auckland, for their ongoing positivity.

“We would especially like to acknowledge Yachting New Zealand’s assistance in trying to make a race possible,” says Greer Houston. “It’s a tough time for the entire country. The silver lining is that recreational boating is allowed in Auckland at Level 3, and we can get out and enjoy boating with our bubbles. We’ll look forward to seeing you out there – from a safe distance of course – at Labour Weekend.” More here.

If presidunce Trunt-loving dead-enders sailed (which is a laughable thought to begin with) and this regatta was in ‘Murica, they’d be screaming about their “rights” and their “freedums”, and would harass race organizers at their homes. Thank fuck those ‘tards don’t sail… – ed.