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Big Pimpin'

As national teams scramble to get ready for a shortened Olympic cycle for Paris 2024, the Kiwis have taken a step forward by partnering with Vakaros to supply team members with the brand new Atlas 2 sailing instrument. NZL Sailing Team members will use Atlas 2 devices to track their on-the-water performance, and also review high-resolution data logs with their coaching staff.

Speaking about the partnership, Ian Stewart, NZL High Performance Sailing Director had this to say: ‘The Atlas 2 will be a perfect fit for our training. Beyond it being a great device on the water, it allows hyper-detailed data logging that we can review and analyze on-shore. It’s packed with the latest sensors, guaranteeing the most accurate data‘.

Tellingly, the initiative was partially sailor-led. 2-time Gold Medalist Jo Aleh was part of the Kiwi group that helped pull this all together and commented:

When I first saw the specs for the Atlas 2, I knew I wanted it to be part of our program. That’s why I am really excited that the NZL Sailing Team has partnered with Vakaros to bring the Atlas 2 to the team as we prepare for Paris 2024. It’s a great device and I am really looking forward to using it!

Learn more about the program and the Atlas 2 here.