the 70’s

Two of the most famous (okay, one, Ganbare is the most famous) One-Tonners in the world, the Britt Chance designed Resolute Salmon, and the Doug Peterson designed Ganbare.  Ganbare should have won the 1973 Worlds if not for a mark rounded the wrong way in the distance race, and resolute Salmon winning it all in 1976, despite a horrible 20th in the distance race. Her other finishes were 4-1-1-4.

Salmon was such a radical boat – a centerboard that weighed like 14,000 pounds with a shit-ton of lead in the bottom of the boat, with an obscenely deep forefoot. A light air rocket that was a fucking handful downwind in any breeze at all, and upon reflection, I like the looks of it the best!  – ed.