just wow

At what point do you ask, “what the fuck”? Just look at this thing – does it have enough levels? Maybe add another couple, I mean why not – if three is good, why not five? But of course, three isn’t good (including down below) – it’s a shit show. Notice that all their aft steps and sunning platform doesn’t include a built-in swim ladder – it appears they had to just hang one off the back. Nice touch. Did you notice that with all that deck area, there isn’t a single place to actually sit in the sun? Sure, you can lay down on the upper mats, but sitting in an actual chair? – sorry charlie.

Imagine if it was a “normal” cat, look how high off the “real” deck the boom is!!! Fucking ridiculous. And how many feet off the water do you imagine the upper-level steering station is, 30 feet maybe? Do you know how awful it feels up there in any sea state at all?? Hope it includes vomit stations. But then again, this thing ain’t really meant to go anywhere, why even bother with a mast at all? You know it is a dog under sail – just call it a power cat and call it a day.

Listen, I know a lot of “modern” cats look like this, but this one just pisses me off. – ed.