five in the pink

Three years ago to the day, I posted this bit of exuberance. I’m still jacked about that win! – ed.

So, yeah, I’m drunk. Been having a hell of a good time for about 27 hours or so since we finished the San Diego to Ensenada Race at 6:17 pm Friday. We sailed the 60-mile course in six hours, on a 32′ boat. Yeah, it was all that.

And it wasn’t just the race – which simply could not have been better – in Ensenada I fell victim to “stripper love”, spent a bucket of cash, drank and ate too much, but they tell me I had a great time!

We won first in class and first overall on the truly Mighty A4, in an epic race that was dominated by solid breeze, tasty waves and simple outright hauling ass.

You know those nearly perfect downwind angles, with breeze solidly in the 15-20 range with 4-5 waves, and you and your boat either have it, or you don’t.

The motherfucking Flying Tiger 10 has it, like for real, but you have to work it hard to get it. Just owning a Tiger don’t mean shit. You earn your wins on this boat, but they are so rewarding. We hit 18.5 knots on one of the most beautiful sets of waves one could ask for.

We beat the next Flying Tiger by 25 minutes, (and when going a solid 10 plus knots for hours, that is a lot of time), but we were most concerned with the J/125’s, and the Botin 80 El Cabron (translation: The Bastard). We beat the 125’s by 15 and 22 mins respectively, and the Big Black Bastard by about 50 mins.

With Charlie Jenkins, Andrew LaPlant, Craig Ramsay and Sofi Baby, I’m not sure we’ve ever sailed a more perfect race. We lit the boat up, and kept it wicked the entire fucking time.

Yeah, this is my site and I can say pretty much whatever the fuck I want to say, but I am simply sharing the feelings that nearly all of us have felt when we nail it. It is the best.  I am satisfied, grateful, both humbled and proud, and so, so appreciative of what this sport rewards us with when you it get it all lined up, and light it up we did  – ed.

Our rockin’ pink hoodies came from the one and only DryUv. Jump in the thread started by Bob Perry. – ed.