frisco fest!

Now that the no longer “Big Boat” Series is underway, we thought to suggest a new name – one that the local yokels will surely love, and one that will delight and amuse others – “Frisco Fest”!

There are no longer “Big Boats” in this series, save the aged Lee 68 Merlin. The next largest boat appears to be a Santa Cruz 52,  and a “Big Boat” series they do not make.

But whatever, times change and we’d guess the sphincter clutched at StFYC have not helped much, but there is no denying the series ain’t what it once was. But, for the 79 mostly one-design boats and scattered others, it looks like a typical frisco fest. Good times!

Photo by Sharon Green. Note USA 7676, the very well sailed Melges 32 Kuai looking good among a gaggle of larger boats and currently tied for first in ORR B.