(no) sound and fury

We suppose if big catamarans keep growing taller, something like this can do it too. We have no idea why those odd pods are there, but whatever.  Van Geest Design explains this particular idea of a superyacht:

The Fury range yachts are true green yachts with a hybrid propeller regeneration system, giving a real hybrid system. A preferred option is to go hydrogen fuel cell technology which gives zero-emissions capabilities, unlimited range and access to emission-free zones. The Fury 500 is designed to maximize performance to give amazing regeneration properties, silent running cruising and blistering performance on the racecourse. Couple this with the safest deck layout and advanced rig layout that allows deployment of sails without the need for large crews and to have the trill of deploying a spinnaker and the performance this gives downwind.

Going hydrogen fuel cell future proofs the Fury 500 and allows the yacht to have complete access to Zero-Emission Zones which are being introduced worldwide, with the first zone in Europe being the Norwegian Fjords from 2026. More here.