The genesis of an excellent design is as varied as the number of designs we’ve created over the years. This design began when a long-time friend and client, with a lifetime of sailing and owning various craft approached us to re-imagine the Herreshoff Rozinante yawl. He owned two of the Rozinantes at one time or another but understood that in a new design he would be able to merge the looks he admired of L. Francis’s masterpiece with the modern performance realized in a 100 years of sailboat design evolution

Rozinante is the canoe-stern ketch that’s become iconic as the archetype of the classic camper-cruiser. Influenced by Nantucket whaleboats and the protagonist of L Francis’s well-loved book The Compleat Cruiser, she is a slippery thing, narrow and sleek, with strikingly hollow waterlines streaming from stem to stern. The coaming terminates in sharp points at each end and encloses a deep, narrow cockpit with minimal cuddy that somehow provides space for two to sleep, compact canvas sling seats, and just enough room for a camp-stove and a cedar bucket. Read on.