triple wing

The Environment

Classification society DNV issued an Approval in Principle (AiP) for a unique, three-wing rig designed to provide wind propulsion to large ocean-going ships. According to UK-based Windship Technology, the patented design can produce the power required to sail an 80,000 dwt ship on the main long transoceanic routes.

The unique rig design was developed using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to refine the wings followed by extensive wind tunnel testing. Each rig consists of a three-wing foil set standing approximately 115 to 150 feet (35 to 45 meters) in height, depending on the size of the ship. Each wing has trailing edge flaps that allow for optimization of the motive force produced for a variety of incident wind angles and, according to the company’s analysis allow the rigs to produce the highest power density of any current wind-powered solution.  Read on.