rule 69?

This sounds unbelievable, but in an era where phony “patriots” would rather take horse dewormer instead of a vaccine, all bets are off…

I wouldn’t know how to pursue it, and I wouldn’t myself anyway. But that was the remedy someone suggested for what I consider some asinine behavior, at the least.

Here is the situation; Militant anti-vaxxer / anti-masker comes to the skipper’s meeting on Friday night. Standing room only, 50+ ppl in attendance. Also to the Club for drinks and hang out Fri and SAT during our big regatta. and then DNC Sunday. Club rules are the basic state guidance here (WA) right now, masks on while walking around but can take off at your table.

Dudes wife had already been diagnosed with covid. Dude claims to me it is a lie that he had any symptoms when he came down to the club. I don’t think that makes about 5% difference. He knew he was exposed as close as you can get. He won’t even wear a proper mask. And didn’t wear even during the skipper’s meeting in a crowded nearly unventilated room.

I say any reasonable person would know they had been exposed, and have a high chance of being positive and should avoid crowds and he is a complete fucking asshole. I’ll say it to your face too, no probs!

And yes he is positive! and yes, he actually agreed to release his name, but I am withholding it here by @Editorrequest. And FYI to everyone…. No, We are not covered in by HIPAA privacy rules unless we are providers of healthcare services to this patient. HIPAA does not apply to me asking or telling everyone what I know about you medically. We don’t need anyone’s permission to discuss their medical history in public.

That leads to someone’s suggestion that he be rule 69’d and banned from further competition and entry to clubs. I mean, it looks to me like wanton disregard for the safety of other competitors and club members.

Can that be done? How? Who? like I said, I am not interested to pursue it. But the point of my post here is to have this discussion.

I really hope nothing really bad comes of this. As much as I would like to say I hope it gets him, I don’t feel that way. I hope the asswipe is ok. I don’t want to wish harm on anyone, and I won’t. Well, I could hope he is sick as FUCK ALL for a few days. Sick enough to make him reconsider his ignorance anyway.

This is the kinda shit that can easily become a super spreader event and bad shit does happen.

Just a sad coincidence, but we lost one of our well-known, and popular, long-time sailors here on Sat night to covid. 🙁 Also a good friend lost 2 friends last week and another friend’s otherwise healthy 40yo wife just got out of 19 days in the hospital with almost a week on the vent. And it’s not even really bad here as in the south.

I won’t be surprised if Dude chimes in here actually…..

Now it’s your turn to chime in