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Big Pimpin'

It’s difficult to pinpoint at what stage clothing started to become “technical”. Some say the advent of truly breathable fabrics presented designers with the opportunity to completely re-think the way that items were constructed as the materials were behaving in a new and sophisticated way that allowed wholesale changes in construction techniques.

Others say it was more complicated than that because new materials and methods complemented the breathable fabrics to drive a bigger revolution. But whenever and however the transition took place, the new Performance range of foul weather gear that has just been launched by North Sails isn’t just firmly placed in the technical category, but takes specialist sailing clothing on to a new level.

‘For decades the North Sails Team has sailed a lot of miles wearing all sorts of fair and foul weather gear,’ explains president of North Sails, Ken Read. ‘These new clothing lines incorporate our combined experience with that of one of the most successful technical sailing clothing designers in the world, Nigel Musto. Following extensive testing, our team is really looking forward to our customers wearing the range we have put together.’

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