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9/1/21 Update: Besides the ridiculous Mitch Brindley phone call from yesterday, (as described below), we have received zero responses from the parties we mentioned, and it is both shameful and incredibly irresponsible for them not to say anything at all. It only confirms the mafioso-like wall that many of these people hide behind. What are y’all afraid of, the truth??

We know that there is indeed a police report, which the Annapolis PD, despite a FOIA request, refuses to release as they claim they do not release reports that involve “Sex offense/assault”. This too seems fishy. We have little doubt that all concerned parties have lawyered up, and soon this will all be in the court’s hands.  We’ll provide more as we get it, if we do at all.

Yesterday, the only person from any of the authoritative bodies to respond was Mitch Brindley from ICSA, which we appreciate. What we didn’t appreciate on the 5:12 long conversation, was his constant chuckling, his dismissive and disdainful attitude that we would ask questions, and ones that he clearly didn’t like. His final response was to, churlishly and childishly, hang up on me. That’s some mighty fine PR work, buddy.

We are and will continue to remain horrified at Rachel Holick’s gut-wrenching story of sexual abuse at the hands of male collegiate sailors.

We have contacted the International Collegiate Sailing Association, US Sailing, the head sailing coach at Roger Williams University where she attends and sails, the head sailing coach at Navy, where this incident allegedly took place, and sponsors and supporters of the ICSA. Granted, some of these contacts are as recent as this morning, but as of yet, we have heard nothing from any of these authorities. There can be no doubt that all of them are fully aware of this unspeakable tragedy. And there can be no doubt that immediate action is required.

We will not sit idly by should these people and institutions fail to respond and act as they should. No, as they must. This isn’t anything to be taken lightly, and yet we already smell the whiff of what is it – indifference, lack of empathy, hoping it will just go away?  We don’t know and hope that our gut reaction is wrong.

In the meantime, if any anarchists have any information on this, please do not hesitate to send us an email. All sources will remain confidential.

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