win and extend

Big Pimpin'

“Win the start and extend.” A simple strategy, but one that is difficult to execute in the best of circumstances, let alone on a long line in a big fleet. That’s why Vakaros designed every aspect of the Atlas 2, from the advanced sensors to the powerful speakers and LEDs to help you maximize your potential at the start.

The state-of-the-art L1+L5 GNSS provides centimeter-accurate position fixes, allowing the Atlas 2 to calculate distance-to-line with far greater accuracy than ever before. Knowing where you are is only half the battle–the real challenge to getting a great start is knowing when to accelerate.

The Atlas 2 uses a powerful learning algorithm to build a real-time performance profile for your boat, giving you accurate time-to-line and time-to-burn so that you’ll know exactly where and when to set up for the perfect start.

Customize the display to show exactly what you need to see, while the dual speakers and LED array help you stay focused on the big picture, without losing critical situational awareness during the sequence.

Give yourself an unfair advantage. Start with an Atlas 2.

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