wall of voodoo

The Norwegian startup Wind Catching Systems has a novel concept for deploying floating offshore wind power at scale. Floating wind offers the promise of access to the steadier, more powerful winds in waters further offshore, but it is currently more expensive to install and maintain than conventional bottom-fixed turbine technology.

In partnership with Norwegian contractor Aibel AS and the Institute for Energy Technology (IFE), Wind Catching Systems plans to commercialize an entirely new approach to floating offshore wind. Their patented design is a towering multi-turbine platform fitted with small turbines of about one megawatt each. If built out, this gigantic platform would generate the same energy as a conventional wind farm five times as large (by acreage). Each unit would be able to produce enough power to run 80,000 homes.  Read on.

Title inspiration thanks to, well, Wall of Voodoo, and here is their greatest song about a bleakAmericana.