not so super

The so-called 52 Super Series is back at it again, with some familiar faces at the top.  Nice to see Quantum in the early lead, but why they continue with that ridiculous and played-out paint scheme is beyond me. John Kostecki reminds us again (and again) just how frigging good he is, with Platoon (quantum Sails) also at the pointy end.

And then there are a bunch of the usual players who will all take turns with almost everyone else being great and terrible at various times, like any competitive series…

As an aside, we also got a pre-race email, with the series touting all their Covid precautions etc. But when I asked them if they required everybody to be vaccinated, their answer was…crickets.

Now why in the hell would you have perhaps the most prestigious big boat racing series in the world, without requiring people to be vaccinated? Wouldn’t you, in fact, make a point of making it a requirement, not only for the well-being of all the competitors and staff but also to lead the way in this sport in regards to Covid?

And we’re not singling these guys out – god knows this should just be a basic fucking requirement to go racing in any series, anywhere. But in a world of right-wing imbeciles,  anti-vax retards, and religious kooks, you have a world that often treats Covid as if it is no big deal. The numbers would tell a completely different narrative.

But go ahead and turn a blind eye to this and when your people start coming up sick, don’t throw up your hands and say you didn’t see this coming.

Photo thanks to the incredible MaxRanchi.