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Big Pimpin'

The philosophy and delivery of the DSS Infiniti 52 was always going to ask a lot of the builders and engineers involved in this dramatic new build. And some of the solutions which they identified are genuinely fascinating

When setting out with the Infiniti 52 to redefine a marketplace that has been dominated for so long by one class, albeit with a very different design brief (windward-leeward in defined wind strengths versus offshore rocket to take on all conditions, all over the world at all angles and strengths of wind, day and night under three rating systems) it is important to not only have design DNA but also the highest level of technical strength, not just in composites, but in systems and fit-out.

The consequences of failure in an inshore boat can be expensive, losing a race or even a regatta, but being in sight of land and surrounded by your competitors, umpires, support vessels, etc, does allow some mitigation of risk. A thousand miles or more from land, things tend to take on a more urgent complexion should something break, and it is this which is the balancing act all top offshore yachts perform.

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