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Big Pimpin'

Marlow Ropes’ Grand Prix series has revolutionized the way sailors specify and order their high-performance running rigging. Whatever kind of boat you sail, chances are you want your ropes to help you operate at the highest possible level around the racecourse. But because you care about cost and sustainability, you don’t want to order any more rope than you need for the task in hand.

Thanks to a system of continuous feedback from Marlow Ropes’ global network of specialist grand prix riggers, and from customers themselves, the Grand Prix series is always in a state of development, always looking for new ways to improve the product and the service.

The Grand Prix Series uses the highest performance materials such as Dyneema SK99, Zylon, Technora, Kevlar, Teflon and Zyex. Marlow’s technical team works with their network of riggers to adjust the combinations and percentages of these materials to create the desired qualities for any given cover or core, such as higher strength, improved abrasion resistance and thermal properties, higher or lower friction and improved winch or other deck gear handling properties. Read on.