2 is better than 1

Big Pimpin'

Did not see this coming… While their Atlas device is one of the better racing instruments on the planet, the team at Varkaros has gone and created its successor, a device better in every single way possible.

The Atlas 2 establishes a new benchmark and a quick look at the specs shows it to be a game-changer. Most notable are the state-of-the-art sensors; an industry-first L1 + L5 capable GPS accurate to centimeters, and a new compass that resolves heading to tenths of a degree.

On top of this; wireless charging and even longer battery life. And dual speakers and a bank of LEDs to help keep you honest. All this new capability and performance must come at a price, right? It does — a lower one.

And there’s a trade-up program as well. Read all about it here.