04 08 2021 DIA 1© Nico Martínez / 39 Copa del Rey MAPFRE – Palma de Mallorca (ESP)

Thirty-year-old Lena Weisskichel is in the hot seat as a first-time navigator aboard NiRaMo, the Club Swan 50 which is currently in third at the 39 Copa del Rey . The former Laser Radial and 49erFX racer, who was well into a double-handed offshore program before the IOC decided otherwise, is on a steep learning curve but has seized this opportunity with both hands and is clearly doing an excellent job.

“You have to have a lot of self-confidence and say what you think.” Says Weisskichel, “It is going great. I had a lot of help and knowledge from the old navigator who was here on the training days, Marcel Korte, and that was great. It is such a steep learning curve but the team are quite patient when I make small mistakes when you are still learning. But it is so cool to be learning from guys like this is this kind of environment. I am not coming from big teams. We came second in the first race yesterday and that felt great because there are so many more people cheering that when you are on your own or in a skiff.” More here.