place your bets

So after a long race report, yesterday mother nature has given me the day off. Not enough wind to race the whole day with the AP flying and all races canceled.

Before I started writing this short piece I checked in on the Olympic website to see if they have updated the schedule. Would they knock everything back putting tomorrow’s medal races back to the day after? Nope.

So tomorrow we have the 4  x 470 races at Zushi with 4 Medal Races at Enoshima to decide the medals in the Skiffs (Men & Women, the Nacra 17 and the last ever Finn race in the Olympics which is a travesty. All you Olympic hopefuls better go on a diet because after tomorrow there will be no equipment for the fatties. (If you could call athletes over 85kg fatties)

So Will Burling & Tuke (NZL) defend their Rio Gold? Likely!

So Will Giles Scott (GBR) defend his Rio Gold? Likely!

So Will Grael & Kunze (BRA) defend their Rio Gold? On equal points with Bekkering & Deutz (NED) but had a better last day in the all fleet racing.

The 4th Medal race, the Nacra 17 will produce a new champion as the defender, Santiago Lange’s early promise faded although he did make the medal race. Top of the tree are Tita & Banti (ITA) chased by Gimson & Burnet GBR. For the Italians to not carry off the Gold the Brits would have to win with the Italians 7th or worse. At no point in the regatta with a fleet twice the size have the Brits been able to put that sort of distance between themselves and the Italians.

So there we are, we’ve called it. Golds for NZL, GBR, BRA & ITA. Probably wouldn’t get very long odds at the bookies for that selection but by the end of today we should know. (C’mon wind).

Not many women have won back-to-back Golds so this would be quite an achievement although it has been done before but not with the same crew or class. Zabell (ESP) did it in the 470 in Barcelona and Atlanta but with different crew, the 2 Sarah’s Ayton & Webb did it with the Yingling in Athens & Beijing with a different 3rd member and  Shirley Robertson did it in 2 classes with the Europe in Sydney and the Yingling in Athens (with the two Sarahs)

The day after, depending on how the remaining races go there is a possibility of Mills (GBR) joining Grael as she lies just 1 point clear of Skrzypulec (POL) with 2 races to go. Again with a new crew McIntyre whose father tasted gold in the sailing in Seoul.

So 2 medals up for grabs tomorrow (if the wind gods play ball)  – SS