ior frac rig

This is a post in our Fab Forums that does not have an easy answer…

Looking at a boat with an IOR style frac rig – i.e. replete with backstay, runners, and checks.

Is there any way of getting rid of the runners/checks while still maintaining forestay tension? Short of going to a swept-back rig that is. Jumper stays are one solution, although they have their own set of issues.

I’ve seen Cathedral rigs mentioned but have never found a good description and from the few grainy distant photos I’ve found, it looks simply like an additional set of spreaders is added at the hounds and cap shrouds extended to the masthead.

Essentially converting a frac rig into MH in the transverse plane.

If that is the case, then I can see how it would add lateral support to the topmast and so useful for those going to MH kites on frac boats. But I can’t see how it would add fore/aft support to the mast top to allow the backstay to control forestay tension.

Am I missing something – or are Cathedral rigs only used to add lateral support to the mast top?

If so, then it is quite possible that jumpers are the only practical solution. IDK.

Jump in.