done and dusted

A brief synopsis of Pelegroso’s race to first in class on this summer’s Transpac, thanks to Keith Kilpatrick…

What a great race, sprinkled with trouble.

Everything seems to balance out, or as I like to say Even Steven. Great start, then a broken lock strop, and the J0 falls into the piss. Good recovery, excellent leg to the west end and rehoist the J0, only to break another lock strop and drop the sail in the piss again.

Pretty ominous first few hours. We get settled in again with the J3 and have one of the easier first nights. Never over 15 knots of breeze, perfect for the Peligroso to not bleed too many miles to our main rival, Artemis. We sail through the night, and at daybreak, we notice something swinging around up the rig. Sometime during the night, a pin fell out of the port cathedral, so it detached itself from the rig. Not a big problem on starboard, but clearly an issue later in the race. We were able to snatch a pin from one of our head swivels, get it in, and continue on.

The next four or so days of sailing were some of the most unbelievable sailing that I’ve ever had. No big shifts, no big squalls, just 18 to 25, well maybe a bit more at times, and no sail changes. Up went the A4, and it never came down until the finish.

Just pure unadulterated hauling ass. We had a 380-mile day, which is the farthest Peligroso has ever gone in a 24 hour run, which in turn helped us propel her to her fastest trip to Hawaii ever, and a coveted first place in our division.

None of this would have been possible without a great crew, and more importantly a legendary owner.

Onboard we had:
Doug Baker
Ernie Richau
Steve “Too Tall” Calder
Patrick Murray
Will Suto
Justin “Juggy” Clougher
Mike Pentacost
John “The King” Fuller
Tim Kernan
Dusty Durant
Keith Kilpatrick