push it, hard

The drive to stay alive for the win on Triumph is impressive. Enjoy.

TWD 61
TWS 19
TWA 160
BSP 12.1

Man this race has been exhausting. Every time we have a few reports and gain back the miles to finally think we have a chance of correcting out when we finish, we get 2 or 3 reports showing them gain it back or more in a couple of reports!

Now, I raced on Horizon in 2017 and we won by over 7 hours on corrected and beat the Sc 52’s by hours on elapsed time. But I always felt if the 52’s were sailed well they would have a chance in the right conditions to beat Horizon which is such a special boat!

I was asked to race on Horizon again this year but I wanted to try to prove my point that they could be beat given the right team & conditions with a stock SC 52. In 2007 we beat them in a modified Sc52 Kokopelli 2 .

Not sure why I like to make my life difficult but here we are with a real chance to prove this….Not sure it really matters but i really want this one so we push on with very little sleep!


From Skipper Steve:

Good Afternoon from Triumph. We are at N 25 degrees 03.617 minutes Latitude and W 149 degrees 39.965 minutes. It is sunny and hot. Wind is 18-22 knots. Swells are 3-6.

Last night was fun-filled terror with a series of squalls. I have never liked squalls and after last night I hate them even more. We drove right in to the heart of the death star squall but came out the other end. Nick, Jeff, David (aka Spider Monkey) were on deck sailing in 22-25 knots of breeze, when about to be eaten David asks for relief and Jeff looks to me and says your up and I say NFW bud – that is above my pay grade. Jeff told The Spider Monkey to sit tight because we are not changing drivers during a squall.

Moments later it was game on and we were swallowed hole and wind speeds quickly reached 30-33 knots with torrential rains. The rest of the crew was bunked below. Brad and Chris reported to be listening as Triumph hydroplaned and we yelled to each other about the rapidly changing conditions. Justin reportedly silently thanked David for his timing as Justin had just done a tiring 4 hour shift. Zack slept through the entire event.

The Spider Monkey kicked the death star squalls ass! He is the boat MVP today. Only one day because we can’t let this go to his head! BTW he continues to lead in the BMC.

We survived and are stronger for it. Today we’ll served up nachos with the leftover Yucatan stew, jalapenos and piles of cheese.

We are all eager for dry land, a mai tai, shower and a bed that doesnt roll all night spitting you from side to side. We are eager to see our loved ones.

As you can see the race is close. We owe Horizon around 2 hours of time and as we approach we are constantly recalculating all the various possibilities. We need a header (wind to turn us to the right)and if we don’t get that it may not work out. Pray for a header please. Or for a rogue fishing net to get wrapped around their keel temporarily!

Either way, this race may be won or lost by less than a Harbor 20 race in Newport Harbor. Alot less than the 25 minutes Thorpe needs to wake up before engaging.

On the safety topic for the day, this morning we found one of the crews PFD cylinders rolling around the cabin! That person will remain unnamed to avoid the wrath of a spouse. We got him squared away.

For now, we race on.