triumph of the will


TWD 041
TWS 19.1
BSP 10.5
Cog 249

Today we have reached our halfway point and as usual our owner Steve has captured what it’s like on the yacht Triumph which I can’t compete with so again you will see below that he has a gift for roasting people and things.

Last night we had our first gybe to port around midnight to check the sea state and angle as we were touching the gybe split angle of 59 the sea state was pretty bad so we came back after about 20 min then got a nice headed angle of 45 that we spent the rest of the night and morning on.

Since then we have been gybing back & forth on cloud lines to stay out of the sunshine and get a nice shift and pressure. Our overall game plan for the final section our the race is forming. We are trying to take shifts to get south to a bit better wind and lower our baro #.

As of today we spent time in 1028 which I have never done before as we have a 1034 High a little to close for comfort, and we are now @ 1024. At the moment we are on a great shift of 041 to bring us back to the right of the great circle as we want to favor the right approach with a shift to 070. The TP storms are not going to affect us as we can’t get to them

Horizon bearing as of 3 pm today was 031 @ 17.6 miles we are getting closer to setting them up dead upwind of us for the second half of the race. Pretty stoked

Jeff, now for Steve.

Good afternoon supporters of Triumph. (First, let me acknowledge what you now know – that I rely heavily on spell & grammar check – but many thanks to Jordan, my daughter and others who help me in that regard.)

Last night we encountered a non-responsive 1000 ft cargo ship at sea, had a crossing with Warrior One within 25 boat lengths and a weather buoy within 10 boat lengths. We also crossed paths with our friends on Compadres. The night was pitch black making driving a challenge but we prevailed.

There has been a debate on board whether today is Day 5 or Day 6. If you count 1 day as 24 hours and add up those hours, and divide by 24 that should give you the number of days – so day 5, right? Not everyone is onboard with that. I will use Day 6 despite the obvious mathematical error.

We are over the hump/halfway point and it seems we continue to perform at a high level. I suppose your YB Tracker looks as though we are side-tied to Horizon. They are close but we cannot see them. We can, however, feel them and sometimes smell them and the odor is awful.

I am chided for my fastidious cleaning routines. Everyone partakes in a daily complete clean of the boat include the throne. This pleases the sailing Gods.

Last night we ate very well thanks to the Law Man. Justin’s Mom provided the El Dorado casserole which was completed devoured by the crew. Thanks Law mom! Speaking of the Law Man, he has been a critical piece to our overall performance, pushing the boat and her crew to focus and keep trimming. He is a great teacher for the team. Oh and btw, his wind chair (purchased on Amazon for $15) has been officially named “Dolores” in honor of Dolores from the Seinfeld episode.

The bow team of Zack Hanna and David “the monkey” Leibenberg have been called in to duty several times. They are unbelievable in their zeal to ensure fast gybes, sail changes and line maintenance. David’s canyoneering (repelling into cracks and such) has come in handy on Triumph as he shimmies up and down the rig and out the spinnaker pole. David had the high-speed record for the day – 23.6 knots! And, despite my desire not to engage in this childish nonsense, he claims to be leading the Bowel Movement Count (BMC) record of 9. (This is and will remain an unverified record). David competes at everything he does.

Nick Gan, our in-house systems manager and accountant continues to ensure we make water and all systems are functional.

Today Nick and The Snow Man gave an A+ performance for the halfway party with a recreation of a story about the traditions of sailing to Hawaii. Chris Snow played the UKELELE and recited a poem about our adventures. The more time I spend with Chris, the more I like him.

We are definitely starting to understand the Navigator called Thorpe. We believe we have developed a strategy to manage the Thorpe Agro Content (TAC). We TAC by delivering small a piece of chocolate or a sandwich. It seems to be working. Fingers crossed!

Wheels seems to be developing a kindship with Thorpe, so much so that he has avoided the transom shower. He has not provided a doctor’s note so a code red could be set in motion soon. Recall from earlier communique that Thorpe has a doctor’s note due to a soap and water allergy.

We continue on, trimming, grinding, driving, sleeping, eating, repeat.

Thanks for the support. Aloha is in the air!

– Skipper Steve

Title inspiration thanks to Devo.