sound advice

A well-known pro-sailor told me he was advising his clients to focus their sailing to “More Discovery Channel and less ESPN.” Sage advice from a multi-World Champion.

This will be my ninth Transpac start (this time with our Andrews 68, Rock n’ Roll) and I find my focus has shifted. It’s good to be back on the water again. I’m thrilled to be sailing with my band of Brothers that went through our 2019 mishap. I told the boys before the race in 2019 my only jobs were. to make certain that they got home safely to their loved ones and at the end of the race we were better friends than when we started.

Erik Berzins, Ryan Breymaier, Mat Bryant, Brendan Busch, Randy Smith, John Turpin and Greg Weeger are remarkable shipmates and friends. It’s good to be sailing with them again. Chuck Clay sailing on board good energy and we are cheering and watch their progress on the tracker.

My long-time friend and mentor Justin Smart has joined us in this adventure.Justin had more ocean racing miles lifetime. He was the youngest to do the round the world at the age of 17 with Peter Blake. We met in 1982 he was the first mate on board Kialoa IV. Justin generously taught me how to crew on a big boat and changed the trajectory of my life forever and I am most grateful.

My sons Peter and Jack are joining us this race. The boys recently graduated from high school and I am desperately trying to slow the sands in the hourglass and enjoy every moment with them. Our family became overnight Catholics for high school purposes. The Jesuits strive to build men for others, and Sarah and are really proud of these young men.

We took delivery of the boat six weeks ago. David Happ and his wife donated the boat California Maritime Academy. David was in process of a full refit. We aim to complete that task I look forward to David and Aiden’s return soon. Covid left the boat with a fair amount of deferred maintenance.Each member of the team has worked tirelessly to prepare the boat for Transpac and I most grateful, there was no time to make changes to the configurations or even order sails.

Saturday brought friends and family for the sendoff. We had a good start and lead our group to the west end of Catalina. A few holes in our reaching sail inventory proved costly and G.I. and Pied Piper extended through us.

This morning’s roll call had us third in class and 10th overall and fastest in our class making up ground. We cross the halfway mark early this afternoon.

We had a special toast salute to our lost friend OEX when we sailed over the location of her sinking.

Tonight finds us playing shifts and catching squalls as we charge hard to Hawaii. Spirits are high. Everyone’s in agreement it’s a miracle we’re here competing.

Transpac is a special race. It welcomes Grand Prix sailors and family team members equally. I was fortunate to meet my wife because of Transpac. The rhythm of the passage, the majesty of God’s handiwork and the lifelong friendships made at sea, set this race apart. If you’re so inclined I encourage you to sign up for next year’s race.

More Discovery Channel – less ESPN.
Sound advice indeed.

John Sangmeister,
Rock ‘n Roll the Pacific