super-spreader olympics?

A few weeks ago I wrote a piece where I stated that I would be very surprised if the Olympic Games didn’t go ahead. (Money, Money, Money)

Well, on Friday the whole shit show kicks off and even before the opening ceremony commences in an empty main stadium (gonna love the atmosphere there – NOT) there have been 3 +ve COVID – sorry, now 5 +ve COVID tests in and around the athlete’s population with a further 3 South African Soccer team members testing the wrong way.

I hope I am wrong and that the luck gods are smiling on Tokyo but with 11,000 athletes in the 21 buildings of the Olympic Village, there is the potential of undiagnosed cases jetting off around the globe when the 5 ring circus concludes in a couple of weeks.

Shades of Bloefeld’s plans in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. Where are you James Bond when the world needs you? – SS