Cruising along at 10 knots and still first in Div 7, Favonius- Roman god of the West wind- is the inspiration for the name of our Dehler 46 we are currently surfing to Hawaii.

The wind Gods in general have certainly been shining on us and most of the fleet the last several days as we all had a straight shot out to the ridge and the tradewinds in easy-going wind strengths in the low teens. This is a sharp contrast to some years past I can remember of reefs and #4 jibs going airborne off waves while no one had much of an appetite! We only had one queasy crew this time and a couple of pills and a night’s sleep made him right.

The race up to now has been all about setting the boat up to reach efficiently at various wind angles. We started out with a jib on the outboard lead and then sailed for most of a day with our Quantum Cabeless code 0. We love this sail as the self-supporting luff actually projects like a spinnaker making it fast at lower angles that you normally would need an A3 reacher to cover.

The stable luff of the sail also makes it easy on drivers and trimmers as you do not run it over on surfs in the dark. Also speaking of the dark I made sure we deployed all of our nighttime sailmaker tricks as the luffs of our spinnakers and draft stripes on upwind sails are all vibrant glow in the dark tape and we put sets of white telltales on everything so they are easy to see against the dark modern sail skins. Another good bonus is that our boat captain used a label gun on top of glow tape to mark all of the clutches and key controls so they can be seen without need for blinding flashlights.

After the Code 0 we switched to our fractional A5 reacher. This sail is heavily built so it can handle the loads of tight reaching and associated snap fills that can occur. This sail fits the space between reaching headsails and running spinnakers and is fractional to help with steering our heavier boat in a sea state at tight angles. We would normally have a reef in with this but the winds were light enough we could go full boogey with the main and we are feeling great about our performance in general as the conditions are matching our strengths and we are sailing well within our chosen sail plan.

Now the big runner is up and the sheets are easing- this is what we came here for! Time to put some sunscreen on and go surfing with 1500 miles of beautiful ocean to go.

Cheers until later,

Navigator Will / Team Favonius