Jeff Thorpe checks in from the Santa Cruz 52 Triumph on their way to Hawaii. They are currently second in class and 6th overall, ORR…

Well, life at 20 degrees is finally over!

We are now into our A 2.5 Thinking about a change to the A2 but the wind is shifting 30 degrees and going from 18 knots to 8 knots. We have been in a battle with the SC 50 Horizon the last 2 days, and last night they were just on our transom 3.6 miles back and we hit the launch spot before them @ 11 pm and set our A0 which allowed us to change lanes to the south of them.

We were reaching in 18 with our A/P genoa and Gs and putting miles on them as this wind angle was advantageous to us vs them. But unfortunately, we had a hydraulic failure with our backstay with a cracked seal, which needless to say was not fast with a floppy head stay. After multiple times draining the lower valve of oil on the backstay so we could pump the backstay down to get headstay tension, but this solution would only last about 2 hours. After realizing we did not have enough spare hydraulic oil on board to keep this going, the plan became “Let’s disconnect the outhaul from the system, drain the backstay into a cup and refill the oil tank.”

Once this was done, we turned the boat dead downwind, cranked the mainsheet on hard, and lashed the backstay down with Spectra, which worked for a while but we were still losing miles due to not enough tension.

And that made our decision to launch south with the A0. We think this plan worked as of now 5:56 am July 19th they bear 352 @ 10.4 miles basically dead upwind of us! Hopefully it gets a bit lighter north for them. At the moment we are approaching our ridge gate that we planed on pre-race with Chris Bedford @ 29.30n 130w

The most exciting thing about today is the navigator stew I made for the team that we serve at the ridge pork stew with onions, Polblano’s, jalapenos, garlic, tomatillos, Negra Modela beer and orange juice served over polenta.

Reservations are closed just for team Triumph. Sorry!

TWD 014
TWS 11.2
TWA 144
COG 237
Sog 8.52
Baro 1022.93