one of many…

First Transpac report from a few boats that are supposed to be telling their stories. Hey boys, less sailing, more writing!

Day 1 We had a great exit off the coast blue sky wind from 260 10 knots at the start gave the fleet a typical Transpac start with all boats off on starboard at the start, With the wind shifting left at the start we Were able to win the pin at the gun with clean air and end up the second boat to the island behind Bretwalda and just in front of Lucky Duck both Rodgers 46’s. Unfortunately, the new Ker 46 plus broke its rig just after the start – a tough break for a beautiful new boat!

Learning lesson # 1 do not reef a masthead boat with a #1 genoa up! We tried to be tricky tacking up the fan of the island with this method that lasted about 5 mins. “Ok guys, get the # 3 on the bow we are going to tack back to the island shake the reef out and hoist the # 3 for a tack change before we hit the shore again, and by the way move the stack while you’re at it .” Needless to say, the team asked are you serious? “Yes! I am.” The team executed flawlessly. And we passed Lucky Duck back after getting passed with the G/R combo.

Trying to type at 20 degrees is all kind of fun! Wish we had a modern nav station! Anyway, just reaching along with Genoa up and GS would love to put up or new cabless A0 but feel we would sag away too much.

That’s all for now. Track the fleet here.

Jeff Thorpe