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Big Pimpin'

Marlow Ropes have announced a new collaboration with DSM Dyneema to integrate their latest sustainable innovation, Recycled-based Dyneema® within their products.

To demonstrate the material’s feasibility and pilot the new product Marlow has teamed up with the 11th Hour Racing Team, substituting standard Dyneema fiber for Recycled-based Dyneema in their high-performance Marlow Grand Prix ropes.

Marlow Grand Prix ropes are world-renowned and this method of manufacturing allows them to offer bespoke features, innovations and customizations on short runs for various boat and rigging projects all around the world. The bespoke nature of the manufacturing allows Marlow to be more sustainable with less waste in the production process.

For further information about this new sustainable Dyneema fiber and Marlow’s collaboration with DSM Dyneema & CirculariTeam, click here!